Sheffield   Antiques mall A unique shopping experience

Abbington Consigns

Constantly changing inventory includes one of a kind furniture and accents creating a statement that can’t be duplicated.



Sheffield offers research services for your antiques, collectibles, and heirlooms. The Connoisseur (Dealer 272) provides this research service. (Important: This is NOT an appraisal service)

Sheffield also offers lamp, porcelain, marble, alabaster, pottery, and glass repair.  Feel free to ask one of our associates for additional  information.



A. C. Boutique

A recent addition to our sister store, Abbington Consigns. Our new facility carries the latest new fashion, accessories, and novelties. Be a part of the trend at A.C.!

Ronnie Grisanti’s

Located inside Sheffield, Grisanti’s offers a fine dining experience featuring authentic Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner. Reserve your table today.

Carries a wide variety of furnishings, dinnerware, lighting, home décor, artwork, collectibles, and much more. Get distinctive, unusual, and rare items to fill your space with wonderful options that make your area all its' own.